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Toshiba Europe Optimizes Service Quality with QlikView


Regio: Europe, Germany
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: High Tech
Functie: Service & Support, Operations

"With QlikView we are able to promptly handle the demands made on the specialist operations department without incurring any major consultancy costs.”

Uwe Feil
General Manager Technical Service and Support,
Toshiba Europe


  • Toshiba Europe acts as European headquarters for electronic products ranging from computers, computerized systems, projectors and storage media, to consumer and entertainment electronics.
  • Corporate headquarters in Japan
  • Achieved an annual turnover of U.S. $60 billion with a workforce of 191,000.
  • Industry: High Tech


  • Continual improvement in service quality.
  • Measuring performance by outsourcing partners.
  • Optimization of spare parts procedures.


  • QlikView is used as an analysis solution for the European service department to perform better and continually improve processes from initial customer contact through to the repairs and spare parts service.
  • Handles the most varied analysis and reporting requirements which include the calculation and analysis of guarantee costs in Europe and the service level agreement (SLA) measurement functions, including the  “alert” signal.
  • Manages the data in customer contact centre systems which can  reach a volume of around 100GB.


  • Quick, cost-effective implementation by the European service operations department.
  • Quick analysis of relevant service performance indicators.
  • High performance even with large quantities of data.
  • Flexible availability of performance figures and analyses via the web.

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