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Manufacturer increases sales conversion rates with BI solution


Regio: Finland
Omzet: 60 million Euro
Bedrijfstak: Engineering, Bouw & Vastgoed
Functie: Sales, Finance, Operations

"Adaptation to a new operating model has been easy, as QlikView facilitates rapid adaptation to strategic changes."

Jani Kerkkänen
Tulikivi Oyj


  • Tulikivi Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of heat-retaining fireplaces
  • Net sales around EUR 60 million
  • Employs approximately 500 people
  • Industry: Construction


  • Increase efficiency in analyzing business information
  • Improve speed of reporting and software
  • Enable monitoring of sales and profitability


  • Implementation of QilkView version 9 alongside IBS ASW, Maestro and Lotus Notes
  • Development of first QlikView application took fifteen minutes
  • Introduced QlikView applications to monitor sales and profitability, to chart customer potential and carry out cost centre reporting
  • 40 in-house users, and an additional 30 Tulikivi retailers use the software outside the company
  • The next goal is to expand the use of the software to acquisition, quality operations and environmental reporting


  • Implemented real time reporting, eliminating wait time for analyses
  • Enabled ability to monitor production, economy and quality more closely than ever before
  • Improved response rates to customers and efficiency of cost reporting
  • Increased number of potential sales

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