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Regio: North America, United States
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Groot en detailhandel
Functie: Finance, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Supply Chain

“Our CEO became one of the biggest fans of QlikView because it allowed him to drill down through corporate data right to the SKU level. At the same time, district managers have access to the same performance-based reports and can share them with store-level executives.”

Dan Grosz
Vice President of IT, VIP Parts, Tires & Service


  • Largest privately-owned US automotive aftermarket retail chain
  • 56 locations in Main, New Hampshire and Massachusetts
  • Sophisticated business footprint spanning retail, wholesale, fleet and commercial divisions


  • Replace one dimensional merchandising hierarchy reporting with multilevel merchandising and business unit views
  • Integrate disparate data from multiple systems
  • Increase visibility of operational KPIs throughout the organization


  • Deployed QlikView to senior, departmental and district managers across six functions in US:
  • Executive Analysis: Increase visibility of operational KPIs. Consolidate data from all parts of the organization into a single QlikView.
  • Sales Analysis: Leverage POS data in new ways such as ranking sales by vehicle type down to SKU level. Track/analyze sales rep performance.
  • Marketing Analysis: Analyze merchandising and dealer services for customer purchasing patterns.
  • Operational Analysis: Track store performance down to technician level
  • Supply Chain Analysis: Track inventory turns and Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI) by SKU (or any aggregate based on item hierarchy).
  • Payroll Analysis: Consolidate payroll reporting. Manage payroll performance from a holistic view of the enterprise.Leveraged QlikView to analyze millions of transactions from operational and POS systems
  • Leveraged QlikView to analyze millions of transactions from operational and POS systems


  • Gained ability to synthesize data from multiple systems for integrated analysis, reporting and information sharing
  • Moved from green-bar and spreadsheet reporting to real-time operational scorecards with ability to identify operational issues and track progress against them
  • Increased visibility throughout organization, including data views matched to the specific needs of each of end user

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