VSE Corporation

VSE Corporation effectively manages large scale government projects using Deltek with QlikView


Regio: United States
Omzet: n/a
Bedrijfstak: Overheid
Functie: Executive, Marketing, Finance, IT

"The Deltek Costpoint Analytics tool, powered by QlikView, provides VSE with the ability to have immediate visual oversight into the financial and project status of the work we do for our customers."

David Chivers,
CIO and Vice President,
VSE Corporation


  • A broadly diversified government contraction company focused on creating, sustaining and improving the systems, equipment and processes of the U.S. Government
  • Established in 1959 with a mission to provide engineering and technical support services to reduce the cost and improve the reliability of Department of Defense systems and equipment
  • Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia
  • Industry: Government


  • Gathering data in real time for analysis of current contracts and projects
  • Tracking the financial status of ongoing projects
  • Correctly invoicing and backlog tracking to keep customer payments on time


  • Deployed Deltek Costpoint Analytics, Powered by QlikView, to 150 employees and in less than four weeks
  • With QlikView, VSE now analyzes Revenue, Profit, Backlog and Labor Utilization, adding features such as HR Analytics
  • VSE now easily supports security and visibility while handling the large data volume of nearly 100 million records.


  • Enabled identification of projects that were off budget or plan
  • Improved ability to manage business performance
  • Increased functionality of reports

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