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Wanbury Gives Managers Access To Analysis On Mobile Devices


Regio: Asia Pacific, India
Bedrijfstak: Farmaceutische Industrie
Functie: Executive, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Research & Development, Sales

“QlikView, through its in-memory associative technology, delivers rapid data visibility and unprecedented decision-making agility for all Wanbury business and technical users. We use a single product instead of requiring a stack of BI products.”

–Pandurang Salunkhe, Head of IT, Wanbury


  • Wanbury is a rapidly expanding pharmaceuticals company in India. Its major drive is to increase exports of active pharmaceutical ingredients.


  • Gain rapid near real-time access to “big data”
  • Improve business agility through analysis and reporting
  • Enable mobile device users to access QlikView 11 platform


  • Wanbury deployed QlikView 11 for 25 licensed users, one SAP Connector, 1 QlikView Small Business Edition, and five named users. QlikView 11 supports users with mobile devices such as Android phones and iPad devices.


  • Reduced time to data visibility and discovery
  • Enabled faster decision making
  • Delivered first sales application in just three months
  • Satisfied the demand for QlikView business discovery from mobile users

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