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QlikView Provides a Pyrotechnic Analysis Display for WECO


Regio: Europe, Germany
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Consumentenproducten
Functie: Executive, Operations

“Previously, processes just ran on until they finished and it wasn’t till the end that we could see that something had gone adrift. By then it was too late to make any corrections. With QlikView we can access the system at any stage in the process and take remedial action.”

Georg Prümm, Overall Business Manager, WECO Pyrotechnische Fabrik


  • For a long time, data analysis at WECO had been done using Microsoft Dynamics NAV business management software coupled with individually programmed reports and this e was becoming too time consuming.


  • Various different work stages and programs
  • More efficient time-staff ratio to produce analyses
  • Need for error prone data collating procedures


  • WECO Pyrotechnische Fabrik deployed QlikView to 10 employees for product analyses, profit margin calculations and production planning.


  • Rapid data assessment
  • Process optimisation in everyday business
  • One single system for analysis, reporting, and dashboards
  • Daily updates of information

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