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BARC Business Intelligence Score 2015

It’s no secret that using data to make business decisions is smart. The more people who leverage data and use analytics across a business, the more value the organization will receive. For this adoption to occur, analytical solutions must be intuitive and approachable, working with the way people naturally think.

Qlik brings a unique perspective to the BI market, giving everyone the ability to answer not just “What happened?” but “Why?” and “What will happen?”. This is why Business Application Research Center (BARC) has positioned Qlik as a trendsetter in its BARC Business Intelligence Score 2015 report. The BARC BI Score 2015 provides a quick and clear overview of the BI market, simplifying the vendor evaluation process. In this inaugural edition, BARC evaluates and ranks the top vendors in the business intelligence platform market based on portfolio capabilities and market execution.

According to the report, Qlik’s strength lies in its business-oriented platform, which addresses users’ needs spanning from reporting and dashboarding to analysis and application creation.

The trendsetter ranking is the highest achieved by any vendor and Qlik is the only next generation visual analytics provider included in this category.

If you want to learn more about top-ranked business-oriented solutions and move your analysis beyond “What happened?” to “What will happen?” download your complimentary copy of the BARC BI Score 2015 report.

Get your complimentary copy of the BARC Business Intelligence Score 2015 report

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Analyst Report: BARC Business Intelligence Score 2015