Crossing the Chasm Between IT and Business Teams with New Approaches to Business Intelligence

For over a decade, organizations have struggled with a widening gap between IT and the business owner due to shifts in perceptions of what Business Intelligence was meant to be. Delivery of BI has become so complex that IT has been forced to package BI requests into very large projects in order to justify the overhead. IT now in many instances has become undervalued; where highly skilled workers are frustrated in low level reporting and measurement roles, while the business – standing apart - can’t access and analyze information fast enough to make strategic decisions. This lack of “go-fast” BI capability has created a chasm that forces BI requestors to either wait in line (potentially for years) at the door of Big BI, or to seek speed in the static and ad-hoc deliverables of a reporting team.

How did we get here and what’s the impact for the future of Business Intelligence in today’s organizations? A new way of thinking should emerge when considering better approaches to bridge the gap. One that, in the end, will elevate IT, and have the business pulling a seat out for them at the table, to work collaboratively.

This discussion with Brad Peterman, a leading industry technologist, will elaborate how.

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Brad Peterman

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