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IDC White Paper: QlikTech´s Approach to Business Intelligence: Keep it Simple and Flexible

Written by Dan Vesset and Brian McDonough of IDC

BI is no longer restricted to management during planning cycles. Nimble, flatter
organizations distribute decision-making responsibilities across the company in
support of operational and strategic goals. Investments in transactional systems result
in more reliable data being generated about a company’s customers, employees,
products, suppliers, and partners. The resulting information can be delivered via
reports or through dashboards over the Web or corporate network.
However, efficient delivery of information is only the first step in providing complete BI
support. Receiving a report or an alert is the beginning of an analytic process that
requires ad hoc query and analysis support. The strong suit of most IT departments is
the ability to provide increased automation and standardization of repeatable
operational processes. One of these processes is the development of "standard"
reports that change little over time. Many organizations also have a cadre of power
users or quantitative analysts who often act as both data analysts and software
developers in coming up with unique and customized solutions to address their own

What’s missing then is a middle ground in the form of a technology that enables lineof-
business managers and employees to conduct their own ad hoc query and
analysis, create dashboards for their own daily operational decision making, and,
when needed, disseminate the results of their analysis to colleagues to support
collaborative decision-making processes. This market observation does not suggest
that the other two BI support tasks (provided by IT and quantitative analysts) are less
important or somehow inferior because they don’t address today’s needs of line of
business. Instead, all three need to exist as complementary solutions addressing the
specific needs of respective constituents.

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IDC White Paper: QlikTech´s Approach to Business Intelligence: Keep it Simple and Flexible