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Solutions “Powered by Qlik®” are simply more powerful

Companies integrate Qlik products into their own software solutions to power visual dashboards, reporting and analysis, or employ data analytics as an add-on business intelligence module.

Our OEM partners are software companies, as well as information and content providers, across diverse industries that want to add value and greater market appeal to their products and services. They range from award-winning network security vendors who integrate Qlik technology for end-user business intelligence reporting, to software and information providers who integrate Qlik products with their own for unique purposes, such as analyzing crime patterns for law enforcement.

Embedded Analytics

Our OEM partners choose to embed analytics in many different ways. Examples include desktop integration, web integration (such as SaaS products) or standalone applications. However you need to integrate Qlik technology, we can do it and we have experience of working with many partners who have done the same thing.

We provide a technology solution through our extensive, proven, and mature APIs. Plus we offer integration to a huge number of data sources and rapid application development using the Qlik environment.

Web Integration

The majority of Qlik OEM partners are implementing their products on the web. They are using our JavaScript API to integrate Qlik technology into their web applications. Qlik products are fully web-enabled and support large scale web deployments to tens of thousands of users. Many of our OEM partners offer their web products as Software-as-a-Service.

Like all web applications, Qlik web applications must address the challenges of security, scalability, and performance. We have mature technologies that address these needs. In fact, we have extensive partnerships across healthcare and financial services, two industries where these capabilities are mission critical.

Web applications often involve multiple technologies and multiple data sources to create mashups. Using the Qlik JavaScript API, you can create mashups with other web technologies. Web applications can combine Qlik technology, RSS, Google Maps, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and more. Qlik's technology works very well with Angular, D3, jQuery, jQuery UI, and other web libraries.


Contact us to hear details of how you can build and implement secure and scalable web applications.

Desktop Integration

Integrating with other software isn’t just about web integration. We also offer Windows desktop integration.


Data Sources

Qlik products offer connectivity to a wide range of data sources through Qlik connectors and via connectors supplied by our partners. Many of our OEM partners have their own custom, data sources and in this case our custom connector technology helps them bring in their own data and connect to a large volume of data sources.

Rapid Application Development

As an OEM partner, time to market is important. Qlik offers a rapid application development environment, enabling you to build products in a fraction of the time it would take with the alternatives.

“Because of the rapid application development features of QlikView, the Scantron team from the outset was able to move very quickly to build out the required functionality. From gathering requirements to putting out a first version took just three months."

–Anthony Cross, VP, Scantron
Scantron, Success Story

Qlik Partner Program for OEMs

As a Qlik OEM partner, you receive everything you need to offer your customers simplified analysis capabilities—from training and validation to marketing support. By integrating our business intelligence software into your product or including it as an add-on module, you can bring your customers what they need: fast, graphically compelling, powerful and intuitive analysis that anyone from IT directors to CEOs to salespeople can use.

“The Qlik OEM team took the time to understand our business and find the best partnering model for us. They were excited by what we were developing and they welcomed us into the network and provided us with the resources we needed”

–Samuli Rantala, CEO, Assure
Assure, Success Story

Qlik Partner Program Simplicity

The Qlik Partner Program is simple and easy to join, with valuable benefits to support your business model without the complicated requirements of so many partnership programs. Our business-friendly, flexible licensing models allow you to bundle, add-on and host Qlik technology in or with your solutions and services. Plus, we support everything from on-site installations to “Software as a Service” (SaaS) delivery models.

The program provides significant value to OEM partners:

  • Drive new revenue sources
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Optimize performance

Once you become a partner, we enable you to market and sell your “Powered by Qlik” applications to maximize your customers’ success.

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