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Foundation Services helps you design and plan for success

Any successful project starts with a solid foundation. QlikView Consulting Services can help lay that important first step with the Foundation Services offering, ensuring that the complete QlikView solution platform is designed and planned for success.

Using a collaborative engagement model, QlikView Consulting Services Consultants work side by side with the client’s project team to discuss and define the overall QlikView architectural design, initial application designs, and the longer-term QlikView implementation roadmap. The Foundation Services framework ensures that any organization can not only meet their initial discovery goals with QlikView, but that future needs are met as well.

A typical Foundation Services engagement covers several core design and planning stages, as well as support for the initial QlikView applications. For more information about Foundation Services or other QlikView Consulting Services offerings, please contact a Qlik office close to you.


System Architecture Foundation

During the System Architecture Foundation stage, the team will review the best options and decide upon the optimal QlikView System Architecture. This encompasses the defining the best server architecture for the implementation and configuring them for the envisioned use cases.


Data Architecture Foundation

Data management within enterprise QlikView deployments can take many forms and employ many different approaches and techniques. The Data Architecture Foundation stage is a structured and comprehensive review of current and anticipated data integration and management needs, leading to a data architecture design that can grow with the QlikView deployment.


Application Architecture Foundation

QlikView applications come in many different shapes and sizes. During the Application Architecture Foundation stage, QlikView experts will review anticipated application requirements – including size, complexity and scope – as well as anticipated growth and expansion. From this the team will jointly decide on the most appropriate application architecture.


Solution Validation

Prior to going live with a new or expanded QlikView deployment, the Solution Validation stage reviews the implementation and benchmarks it with QlikView’s documented best practices. This interactive review will cover areas that impact usability, performance, scalability and maintainability of QlikView, and will provide observations and recommendations for further design or development.