Product Upgrades

Upgrading to the latest version of QlikView

QlikView has two main types of Software releases - a Major Release (ie. version X.X) and a Service Release (X.X.XXXX). A Major Release introduces many new features and may incorporate many changes compared to an earlier Major Release. A Service Release primarily includes software updates or fixes.

We encourage you to use the latest release of QlikView whenever possible. If you wish to upgrade to the newest release you must have a valid Annual Upgrade and Support (AUS) agreement - if you do not your new software may not function when you try to apply your license. Users of QlikView Personal Edition can upgrade without a valid AUS.

To download the latest release of your QlikView product, go to Download. Please note unless you are downloading QlikView Personal Edition you will need to be a registered QlikView User in order to view links to QlikView Server/Publisher or other QlikView products.

We strongly recommend that you download the release notes and manual for your required QlikView Software to make sure you are familiar with the new version and upgrade process before you download and install the latest release. On the download page, select Release Notes and Documentation to view available downloads. Always follow industry Best Practices when upgrading any software.

Thank you for choosing QlikView. If you have any questions please contact your Account Manager or the Qoncierge Service.