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This exciting program puts the power of Qlik into the hands of students and professors and demonstrates Qliks applicability to situations beyond the University.

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Qlik Customer

University Success Story

Drexel University joined the Qlik Academic Program in 2013 and has been using QlikView in their "Business Consulting" courses ever since!

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Partner promotes the
Qlik Academic Program

The Qlik Academic Program takes over the Netherlands! Learn more about how our Partner Purple HRM is using QlikView to enhance Human Resources courses.

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Villanova University

"QlikView fits perfectly with my curriculum, and it is so easy to learn that students are able to build BI applications after a few classes. Working with QlikView, we are giving students the opportunity to tackle real-world business problems, and with this type of experience, students can be productive a lot sooner in their future endeavors."

Wenhong Luo, Associate Professor of Accounting & Information Systems.
Video: Professor Luo discusses his experience with QlikView

Academic Milliken

"Because QlikView is a simple and easy tool for students to wrap their heads around, I was able to spend more time in class working with them to build their applications and hone their skills, rather than getting a complicated BI tool to work properly. Seeing my students achieve their 'a-ha' moments thanks to QlikView made this one of my most memberable semesters yet."

RJ Podeschi, Assistant Professor of Information Systems.


“The students found QlikView’s demonstrations very simple. They had no issues understanding and learning how to use the tools. It says a lot about the product that young minds can use it so easily to create ‘what-if’ analysis and other complex business scenarios within days.”

Keith Carter, Adjunct Associate Professor, Decision Sciences.

Case Study Singapore University

Lewis University

"Lewis University and the Computer Science division of the Associated Colleges of the Chicago area were honored to have Donald Farmer present to our students as part of our weekly seminar series on data mining. Faculty and students benefited tremendously from Donald's expertise. This is yet another example of QlikTech generosity and willingness to help students learn about this very important and rapidly expanding field."

Ray Klump, Professor and Chair of Mathematics and Computer Science and Director of Master of Science in Information Security

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Driving Innovative Thinking and Academic Excellence

Students preparing for careers in today’s challenging, global data-driven environments need to raise the bar to succeed. They need exceptionally strong analytical skills and tools to keep pace with rapid change and make better decisions faster. The Qlik Academic program is designed to give students the skills and tools they need to succeed while ensuring that professors are teaching the most up to date business discovery and data visualization platforms.

The Qlik Academic Program offers

  • Free Qlik software to support the learning experience
  • Free training
  • Free Qlik resources

Qlik Academic Program Qualifications:

The Qlik Academic Program is for accredited, nonprofit, university-level institutions, both privately and publically funded, within higher education.

Grants are considered for the following:

  • Professors or visiting instructors, who are formally associated with an accredited institution and will use Qlik in a formal course curriculum.  
  • Academic research and/or education purposes including faculty instruction and student projects.  Students using Qlik for project use will need to have a professor or instructor apply on their behalf.

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