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BARC: BI Survey 15 Qlik highlights

RC’s BI Survey 15 is based on findings from a survey of more than 3,250 BI professionals, conducted in 2015. In the survey, Qlik ranks #1 in 15 categories against its peers. Get your copy of the Qlik highlights and see how users ranked Qlik against the competition.

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Unique Selling Points – Separating Sales Leaders from the Pack

This EIU report, sponsored by Qlik, draws on a 2015 global survey of 550 senior sales executives, desk research and interviews to examine the way in which companies manage the sales process and whether the use of technology - specifically analytics - makes them more effective at selling.


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Butler Analytics: Qlik Sense and Tableau Positioning

Qlik and Tableau are two of the leading players in the relatively recent data visualization and exploration space. Their platforms, along with many others, support easy-to-use data visualization and discovery tools, allowing users of varying skills to describe operational activities using charts, dashboards, maps, tables and other visual constructs. But the approach taken by these two suppliers varies enormously.

According to analyst firm Butler Analytics, "Most seasoned users of business intelligence technologies will know that future needs can never really be anticipated, and so it's best to have an open architecture, and in this respect Qlik Sense truly excels."

Download a free copy of the Butler Analytics report to learn how Qlik’s visual analytics platform outperforms the competition.

Butler Analytics: Qlik Sense and Tableau Positioning

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Qlik Moves into Value-Added Content with the Announcement of Qlik DataMarket as Part of Qlik Cloud

IDC is seeing a burgeoning market for data, especially for business intelligence and business analytics. Organizations need external and third-party data to complement their internal data requirements and analysis. The on-demand availability of normalized data sources that users can quickly pull in for added insights are key to more informed decisions to drive competitive advantage. According to IDC, “Qlik is one of the first business analytics vendors to offer normalized data sources as part of their services.”

IDC Qlik DataMarket

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Ventana Research Value Index: Analytics and Business Intelligence 2015

Qlik has been named a “Hot Vendor” in the Value Index for Analytics and Business Intelligence 2015 from Ventana Research. Qlik is a fast growing analytics and discovery-based technology vendor that was recognized for innovation, with Qlik® Sense built on a modern architecture that is cloud-ready and includes responsive design on mobile devices. Download your complimentary copy of this Ventana Research report to learn more.


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Aberdeen: Smarter Healthcare - Analytically Fit, Operationally Efficient

If the ultimate goal of our healthcare ecosystem is to improve patient care and deliver better patient outcomes, the secondary objective would be to drive operational efficiency. Care providers who use data effectively to support their most critical operational and strategic decisions find themselves at an advantage when it comes to growth and cost reduction. This report explores the use of analytical technologies and activities within healthcare organizations.


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Big Data in Healthcare: The Five Most Enticing Insights

With a tangled web of disparate legacy systems, significant site-by-site customization, and growing regulatory scrutiny, healthcare organizations face unenviable data challenges. However, along with challenge comes opportunity. A recent study focused on analytics in the healthcare space highlighted some of the performance implications of delivering timely insights to key decision makers.


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Creating an Analytics Culture in Government

Is your organization drowning in data? Get FCW’s executive insight in being able to make fast and effective decisions and learn how to make the most of your data by putting analytics first.


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BARC Business Intelligence Score 2015

It’s no secret that using data to make business decisions is smart. Qlik brings a unique perspective to the BI market, giving everyone the ability to answer not just “What happened?” but “Why?” and “What will happen?”. This is why Business Application Research Center (BARC) has positioned Qlik as a trendsetter in its BARC Business Intelligence Score 2015 report. Download your complimentary copy of the BARC BI Score 2015 report to learn more.


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Gartner: 2015 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms

The BI market is changing to meet the needs of business users, who want intuitive analytics delivered fast. And as the demand for self-service visualization and guided analytics grows, so does the need for IT to maintain governance. Get your complimentary copy of Gartner’s report for in-depth analysis of the BI market, and learn why Qlik® is a leader once again.

Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms