The QlikView Business Discovery
Solution for Financial Services

Stability and Growth

Reduce costs and expenses while streamlining operations and IT. Manage risk and meet regulatory compliance. Become more intelligent about your customers. Rapidly respond to changing market conditions.

Stability and Growth for the Financial Services Sector

The global financial crisis shook the foundations of institutions, both fundamentally and permanently. In order for them to survive and flourish in this harsh economic climate, they need to find solutions which transform their businesses and increase their margins.

Financial institutions are currently tackling two key challenges:

  • Maintaining Stability and maximizing operating efficiencies in an ever-changing and increasingly regulated environment.
  • Continued Growth and business expansion by maximizing customer intelligence and identifying more opportunities while strengthening existing customer relationships.

Using QlikView, leading financial services firms worldwide can:

  • Reduce costs with better expense management
  • Increase effectiveness of risk and compliance initiatives
  • Empower sales and marketing to better analyze customers
  • Discover and capitalize on new business opportunities
  • Gain visibility into transactions and optimize processing life cycles
  • Maximize investment returns and portfolio performance
  • Reduce operational costs and streamline processes 

The QlikView Customer Experience

Over 2,500 financial services institutions rely on the QlikView platform, including all of the top 20 financial institutions based in North America and Europe*, because it empowers business users and decision-makers, providing access to on demand analysis, insights and business discovery.

*2011 Forbes 2000 list

Freed 10 IT employees to focus on more strategic tasks than analysis and reporting

Without QlikView, it would take a year and a million dollars to implement this functionality with traditional BI.”

IT Team US Federal Home Loan Bank

QlikView enabled us to quickly pinpoint specific areas of the business in need of improvement. In less than a month, we regained 20 to 40% of client business that had been previously turned down.”

Nebojsa Stojanovic IT Manager, Meilleurtaux

Reduced analysis time for business answers by 90%

QlikView turns the tables on business managers who depended on IT for information…Managers now have instant access to all of the data allowing for better decisions.”

Mike North Vice President of Risk Management, DAKOTACARE

The beauty of QlikView is that we can now see exactly where things are performing well and where things have gone wrong. We can see how the business is actually doing.”

Tom Gill Regional CIO, Aon

Transform Business Intelligence (BI) into fast, reliable decisions driving business value

QlikView helps decision makers across the organization get the critical Business Intelligence (BI) they need to drive higher performance levels. QlikView complements traditional reporting and modeling with a simple, powerful, self-service way for users to get to the right Business Intelligence (BI) at the right time. QlikView helps financial service firms address this important and traditionally difficult challenge to unlock the value of their business intelligence.

By the Numbers: Financial Services

  • Time to Value


    43% Deployed QlikView in
    < 1 Month


    82% Deployed QlikView in
    < 3 Months


    2.4 Months to Implement


    57% Reduction in Time to Access Information


    61% Reduction in Time to Analyze Information

  • Tangible Benefits


    30% Increase in Cash Flow


    21% Increase in Revenue


    42% Increase in Employee Productivity


    31% Decrease in Operating Costs


    44% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

  • Cost of Ownership


    54% of the TCO of Other Solutions (Total)


    58% of the TCO of Other Solutions (Implementation)


    61% of the TCO of Other Solutions (Ongoing Services)


    29% Decrease in Existing BI Overhead


    38% Decrease in Reporting Overhead

  • Success & Satisfaction


    96% Customer Satisfaction


    150% Return on Investment


    6.7 Month Payback Period


    60% Net Promoter Score


    47% Increase in Business Agility