QlikView for Life Sciences

A Prescription
for Change

Adapt quickly to an environment that’s undergoing fundamental reinvention. Transform processes. Improve financial performance. Simplify regulatory compliance.

Analytics for Highly Specialized Needs

Life science companies and healthcare providers operate with highly specialized business processes. Rising costs, aging populations and changing regulatory demands require flexible analysis to respond to the issues confronting your unique operational environment.

With QlikView, life sciences companies and healthcare providers can:

  • Make faster, better business and clinical decisions
  • Shorten discovery-to-commercialization product cycles
  • Improve physician feedback to manufacturers
  • Reduce the time and cost of regulatory compliance

The QlikView Customer Experience

Discover why more than 700 life science companies and healthcare providers worldwide have turned to QlikView to overcome information challenges and improve performance.

In twenty years as a CEO, I have never seen a better investment in information systems.”

Dr Gareth Goodier, CEO Cambridge University Hospitals

QlikView enables us to analyze data much faster and to react much faster. Generating reports only take 25% of the time that used to be needed.”

The most important thing is to make the right decision quickly. It can be the difference between life and death. When I receive a patient, I can use QlikView to get the information I need immediately.”

Visibility to improve performance

Access to accurate information is more important than ever for enabling and accelerating product innovation, ensuring safe medicines and devices, and empowering life sciences and healthcare workers. QlikView gives pharmaceutical and medical device companies and healthcare providers the answers they need to improve both quality of care and financial performance.

By the Numbers - Life Sciences & Healthcare

  • Time To Value


    85% Deployed QlikView in
    < 3 Months


    48% Deployed QlikView in
    < 1 Month


    2.3 Months to Implement


    43% Reduction in Time to Access Information


    40% Reduction in Time to Analyze Information

  • Tangible Benefits


    36% Increase in Cash Flow


    20% Increase in Revenue


    38% Increase in Employee Productivity


    24% Decrease in Operating Costs


    43% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

  • Cost of Ownership


    5% of the TCO of Other Solutions (Total)


    35% of the TCO of Other Solutions (Implementation)


    50% of the TCO of Other Solutions (Ongoing Services)


    34% Decrease in Existing BI Overhead


    22% Decrease in Reporting Overhead

  • Success & Satisfaction


    94% Customer Satisfaction


    150% Return on Investment


    7.0 Month Payback Period


    38% Net Promoter Score


    39% Increase in Business Agility