QlikView for Manufacturing & High Tech

Making faster and more profitable
decisions in a highly competitive
and complex environment

The Manufacturing & High Tech Sector comprises the following industries:

  • Automotive, Industrial & Aerospace
  • Consumer Products
  • High Tech
  • Mill Products
  • Chemicals

Operate Leaner, Smarter and more Efficiently

Manufacturers sell their products to end customers or to other manufacturers who use the products as components. There are many parties involved in this supply chain with each needing to add value to the end product or service to differentiate themselves and drive competitive advantage. This interdependent and connected value chain relies on transparency and collaboration in order to deliver products at the appropriate cost and quality within stringent and continually evolving environmental and legislative Regulations.

Market success depends on a new business agility that responds rapidly to demand changes, supply chain risks and fluctuating energy, commodity and transport costs — and enables new product innovation by synchronizing  activities across functions and processes.

Using the QlikView Business Intelligence (BI) solution, leading manufacturing companies worldwide can:

  • Gain real-time visibility across the entire supply chain
  • Measure operational efficiency & increase the effectiveness of process improvement methodologies
  • Collaborate effectively with suppliers, partners and customers to improve business agility
  • Mitigate supplier, compliance and cost volatility risks
  • Maximize marketing and sales efficiency
  • Gain  visibility of inventory across the organization
  • Optimize innovation processes to drive enhanced time to value
  • Enable Regulatory, Compliance and Sustainability agendas & obligations

The QlikView Customer Experience

Discover why manufacturing companies worldwide are using QlikView to overcome their Business Intelligence (BI) challenges and improve their business performance.

QlikView has the highest demand than we’ve ever had for any application. We couldn’t roll it out fast enough. People can make decisions based on data as opposed to a hunch.”

Todd Graham, IT Business Analyst US Synthetic Corporation

What was virtually impossible is now possible with QlikView.”

Terry Kavouras Business Intelligence Manager Austin Powder

QlikView was completely different than other products. We could measure success quickly and with minimal investment.”

Rob Wunderlich Consultant USS POSCO

You can have lots of analysis tools that will get you from A to B. QlikView gives you the possibility to go on to C, D, E and as far as you want to go.”

Patrick Laredo DataWarehouse Manager Amcor Flexibles

One reason why we chose QlikView was to quickly develop what we call a ‘fast track solution.’ The specifications for new applications are often defined at [user] seminars. We usually build a functional QlikView application by the end of a seminar.”

Stefan Wesslegård, Data Warehouse Architect, Sandvik Group

QlikView ultimately accelerates our core business functions in areas such as product lifecycle management, supply chain, finance and feature-testing of our various chipsets”

Steve Rimar Senior Programmer Analyst, Qualcomm

QlikView reports cover every area of our business, from finance to inventories to work orders to information that is not part of the ERP system, giving us higher levels of job performance companywide.”

Nigel Tasker General Manager IT & Business Systems, Weir Services

We chose QlikView because we could move forward quickly and get results, without having to …make huge, speculative investments in time, money and IT resources.”

Rob Wunderlich Consultant USS POSCO

In four hours, one person achieved with QlikView what teams of IT consultants … couldn’t achieve in a year and a half.”

Michael Korin CIO Superior Graphite Company

By implementing QlikView, we greatly enhanced and extended the life of our existing systems as well as simplified the management reporting.”

Björn Jacobsen Financial Director, Scania Denmark

QlikView allows us to target operational issues that need to be addressed. We have been able to identify and focus on the 10% of issues that have been creating 90% of our problems.”

Dominic Verheist Training and Automation Superintendent, Teck Resources Limited

11,000 users managing 500 Six Sigma projects with QlikView

75% reduction in analysis time for 500 Six Sigma projects

95% reduction in gold lock-up

99% less time to fulfill new BI application requests

99% reduction in time to generate reports

1 week to develop sales and marketing applications

Eliminated thousands of pages of paper reports

Increase business agility with quick, measurable success

Manufacturing companies today require more flexible business models and real-time decision making intelligence. The QlikView business intelligence (BI) solution delivers measurable success quickly with no risk, minimal investment, and without having to commit substantial resources. Anyone within your business, as well as your suppliers and distributors, can use QlikView, with applications customized to each user’s needs.

By the Numbers: Manufacturing

  • Time to Value


    54% Deployed QlikView in
    < 1 Month


    78% Deployed QlikView in
    < 3 Months


    2.4 Months to Implement


    54% Reduction in Time to Access Information


    51% Reduction in Time to Analyze Information

  • Tangible Benefits


    21% Increase in Cash Flow


    12% Increase in Revenue


    33% Increase in Employee Productivity


    17% Decrease in Operating Costs


    38% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

  • Cost of Ownership


    55% of the TCO of Other Solutions (Total)


    43% of the TCO of Other Solutions (Implementation)


    49% of the TCO of Other Solutions (Ongoing Services)


    35% Decrease in Existing BI Overhead


    28% Decrease in Reporting Overhead

  • Success & Satisfaction


    95% Customer Satisfaction


    192% Return on Investment


    5.6 Month Payback Period


    60% Net Promoter Score


    38% Increase in Business Agility