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QlikView’s BI dashboards are targeted, task-specific apps that put business users in the driver’s seat. There’s no limit to the questions you can ask, and no waiting for old-fashioned static reports. QlikView lets you combine all your data sources — then gives you instant answers to all your questions.

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Cito Amazon Whitepaper

CITO Whitepaper: Dashboards as Easy to Use as Amazon

What can we learn from Amazon that will help more people get more from BI? This white paper discusses how the easy, intuitive shopping experience on Amazon can translate to business intelligence software with the use of QlikView user-driven dashboards.

Aberdeen: A Simple Cost Justification for Self-Service Analytics

Learn how self-service analytics can save internal IT support cost while simultaneously improving the ability of business managers to find timely information. This provides justification for companies to move forward in their search for a better business intelligence solution.

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QlikTech invites you to download QlikView Personal Edition—not a trial product, but a full version of our powerful Business Discovery software. Start using QlikView instantly.

Demo App: UK Business Growth

Also, you will get access to navigate the history of UK business growth with the Discovering UK Growth application. This interactive app is based on official data from Companies House and goes back to 1988. Business creation, dissolution, corporation tax, fuel duty, GDP, and exchange rates… Discover trends today!